Termite Control

Your business is one of your most important investments; is it protected from Termites? The goal of an ANTI-PEST Termite treatment is to establish a barrier of treated soil around the exterior of your foundation and any plumbing or other possible termite entry points with the best methods and products available. The product we use to create this barrier is TERMIDOR®. TERMIDOR® has a long standing, proven track record and it is recognized in the Industry as the best product available for the control of Termites. TERMIDOR® has been tested by the USDA Forestry Service, and has repeatedly been 100% effective in controlling subterranean termites for the last 20 years. No other product can match this perfect record. TERMIDOR® is superior to other termite products because it does not repel the termites and therefore, they cannot detect it in the soil. Since the Termites do not know they have come into contact with TERMIDOR®, they unknowingly infect other termites in the colony.

ANTI-PEST is one of only a few TERMIDOR® certified professionals in Louisiana using the all-new TERMIDOR® HP injector. The TERMIDOR® HP High Precision Injection System is a revolutionary termite treatment that’s applied using an accurate and powerful termiticide delivery system to protect your structure. Compared to traditional application practices, this new application technology creates a more uniform treatment zone with minimal disruption to your landscaping. This method avoids the side effects of traditional Termite treatments that require trenching and rodding the soil around the foundation of your business. Combining these benefits with the strength of TERMIDOR® means you can stay confident that your business is protected.

Without a doubt, ANTI-PEST employs the most experienced Termite Professionals in the area. Since 1950, ANTI-PEST has been protecting businesses from Termites and other wood destroying insects. Termites cause over $750 million dollars’ worth of damage each year in the United States alone. Don’t let your  business be next.

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