Pest of the Month: Earwigs

An old European folklore tells a story of earwigs crawling into the ears of unsuspecting victims while they slept, which is how the insect got its name.   Although this story is simply a myth, earwigs do exist and can become a nuisance to homeowners.

Most earwigs are dark brown in color and measure about 5/8 inch in length. At the end of their body they have a set of forceps which are used as their defense mechanism and also to catch prey. Earwigs are omnivores, feeding on plant matter as well as other insects.  They thrive in damp environments, meaning areas of your kitchen, bathrooms, basements and garages can easily become a suitable place for earwigs to live.


To prevent an earwig infestation, eliminate areas of moisture around your home, paying particular attention to areas around your air conditioning system and outdoor faucets. Ensure rain gutters are channeling water away from your home’s foundation. When possible, reduce outdoor lighting around doors and windows. Seal any openings around windows, doors, pipes, etc. It is also advised to pay special attention to items brought inside from outdoors since earwigs are hitchhikers and may be brought into your home unintentionally.

When facing an issue with unwanted pest activity, it is advised to consult a pest control professional. At Anti-Pest, earwigs are among the 20 + pests covered in our every-other-month Intercept Service. With an outside treatment, we create a barrier to prevent pests, therefore “intercepting” them before they enter your home! Our Intercept Service is GUARANTEED! If you have an issue with earwigs or other pests between your regularly scheduled services, we will send your technician to treat your home free of charge – in most cases your technician will arrive the SAME DAY you call!

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