Pest of the Month: Gnats

As we approach the holiday season, people prepare to open their homes to family and friends; however, no one anticipates uninvited guests, like pests, to be in attendance. Pesky flying pests, such as gnats, can quickly put a damper on your entertaining atmosphere; your guests will not appreciate swatting the irritating insects away from their dinner plate.

Gnats, a commonly used term for a variety of small flying pests, including fruit flies, can give the unfortunate impression that your home is dirtier than it really is. In addition to being a general annoyance, they may also contribute to the spread of germs.


To prevent gnats, it is essential to keep your home as clean as possible. Consider the following tips when working to keep gnats at bay:

  • Clean dishes as you use them. Don’t allow dirty dishes to remain in the sink.
  • Clean your garbage disposal regularly.
  • Don’t allow fruit to become overly ripe.
  • Ensure your trash can is tightly secured.
  • Take out the trash regularly.
  • Eliminate any damp areas, specifically in your kitchen or bathrooms.
  • Use top-quality potting soil for household plants; if necessary, change the soil to a higher-grade product.

If gnats or other small flying insects are a concern to you, one of our highly-trained technicians would be happy to evaluate the situation and provide you with a free estimate and quote.

Don’t let pests ruin your holiday fun!

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