Pest of the Month: Mosquitoes

Few things can ruin a summertime backyard barbecue faster than pesky mosquitoes irritating your party-guests. As Shreveport-Bossier City area residents know, mosquitoes are quite troublesome during the warmer months of the year and can wreck many plans for outdoor fun. Aside from being a general nuisance, mosquitoes also carry disease, potentially putting your family and pets at risk.

To protect yourself from mosquitoes, it is important to practice the following precautions:

  • Wear a CDC approved bug deterrent when outdoors
  • When possible, cover your skin with clothing
  • Use screens on windows to keep pests from entering your home
  • Use air conditioning when available
  • Eliminate areas of standing water in your yard
  • Once a week, check for areas which may accumulate water and empty the vessel(s) as needed













Despite your best efforts to protect yourself and your yard, you may still have an issue with pests. The bad news is mosquitoes can travel up to 1.5 MPH and adult mosquitoes can live as long as 6 months; however, the good news is Anti-Pest can help!

With our Mosquito Reduction Service, your yard is treated monthly, March through November, reducing the mosquito population. In addition to the treatment, our highly-trained professionals will advise you on areas in your yard which may be conducive to mosquito breeding.

Our Mosquito Reduction Program is available by itself or it can be added to the services we already provide for you.

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