Pest of the Month: Skunks

About the size of the common house cat, skunks are versatile creatures, capable of surviving in almost any climate. Typically, they burrow in dens, making the area underneath your porch an ideal place for skunks to nest.

Most people associate skunks with their odor. Although their spray is not harmful, the pungent odor is difficult to remove and can linger for days. The good news is skunks generally will not spray unless they are frightened.

Signs of possible skunk activity include:

  • The stench of their odor
  • Visible tracks where skunks have walked
  • Small, cone-shaped holes in your yard
  • Evidence of your trash being raided


If you are concerned about possible skunk activity, let the experts at Anti-Pest provide you with a FREE inspection & quote.
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At Anti-Pest, our trained professionals set humane, live traps to carefully capture skunks. Once they are caught, the mammal is carefully approached, as not to startle it. It is then carefully covered with a tarp since skunks typically will not spray a target they cannot see. Finally, the skunk(s) are taken to a safe location and are released back into the wild.

You may be surprised to know, our supervisor, Sandy, has never been sprayed by a skunk in her 16 years at Anti-Pest.

baby skunks

In the event you have already experienced the ramifications of a skunk that’s sprayed, our sister company, Porter’s Carpet Cleaners, may be of assistance to you! They specialize in carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning, with specific products and procedures available to combat skunk odor. Call 318-798-8080 for a FREE estimate.
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