Termite Control

Your home is probably your most important investment. You’ve insured it, maintained it, but have you protected it from termites? The goal of an ANTI-PEST Termite Treatment is to establish a barrier of treated soil around the exterior of your foundation and any plumbing or other possible termite entry points with the best methods and products available.

With our “No Dig” Termite Treatment using our TERMIDOR® HP High Precision Injection System, you receive:

  • More uniform treatment zone than traditional methods
  • Minimal disruption to landscaping
  • USDA Forestry Service tested 100% effective TERMIDOR® termiticide product
  • Complete confidence your home is protected

Without a doubt, ANTI-PEST employs the most dedicated Termite Professionals in the area. Since 1950, ANTI-PEST has been protecting homes and businesses from Termites and other wood destroying insects. Termites cause over $750 million dollars’ worth of damage each year in the United States alone. Don’t let your home be next.

Text, call or email us today, and let us protect what’s important to you.

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